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choose to be the PEACE and LOVE you want to experience in the world

create a more peaceful WE by
Becoming a more peaceful me

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi

All of us desire a more peaceful and loving world. The grief, fear, and sorrow over the continued violence and discord leave us heartbroken. It’s easy to feel powerless and hopeless in the face of so much suffering.

We pray for the world to be a kinder, safer, and more loving place and dream of better days for our children and one another. Even though our longing to do something to make a difference is strong, creating lasting change often feels impossible.

But hope is not lost.

We aren’t powerless.

And we CAN do something to create a more peaceful world, right here and right now: we can become a more peaceful person.

Each one of us is the miracle we seek.

The reality is we don’t see things as they are; we see things as we are.

All the brokenness around us is a projection of the brokenness inside us. If we don’t know we are LOVE, if we don’t believe we are worthy simply because WE EXIST, if we are outsourcing our identity, if we don’t offer inward grace, forgiveness, and self-compassion, then we are at war within. A battle between Truth and illusion.

We can argue and debate at an intellectual level about what’s right and wrong in the world “out there,” but because of the law of correspondence, it will always be a reflection of how we perceive ourselves within.

As within, so without.

If our hearts are standing in firm judgment and condemnation toward ourselves, we will then project this discord toward our brothers and sisters. Neither option affects change in the world.

Such a mindset lures us to blame someone else for our internal suffering. This illusion of separation keeps us bound in fear and victimhood instead of united in LOVE.

If fear outweighs LOVE and compassion, we cannot understand one another.

Fear stems from separation consciousness–which is an illusion.

We are One. We all emerge from One Source, by the power of One LOVE, united in One Great Spirit/Divine Mind.

Therefore, LOVE is Unity Consciousness–which is REAL.

The belief in separation leads to immense suffering.

Knowing we are One doesn’t lead to Peace, it is Peace by default.

When we block, deny, or resist the flow of LOVE within, the interference and distortion prevent inner Peace from emerging, which disrupts our ability to UNITE in our shared humanity. We remain trapped in a ‘you versus me’ mentality, which leads to violence and destruction, both inwardly and outwardly.


When we get our inside world–our mind and heart–put right, and we stop the inner battle, accepting and loving ourselves unconditionally, we effect change in the outside world.

As within, so without.

We start by making a conscious choice to find an area in our life where we lack Peace, where we are warring within against our very identity, and then commit to becoming a more loving, compassionate, and forgiving human being to ourselves.

This moves us from a fear-bound state of chronic stress, which undermines our health, to a LOVE-bound state of perpetual Peace and harmony. Ultimately, each one of us becomes the safe space we long to experience.

The beautiful truth is we all beat to ONE HEARTBEAT.

If experiencing inner Peace is a priority and we have the courage and resolve to heal and transform our hearts, we heal the heart of humanity as a result. This personal shift is the miracle.

Each of us must decide whether our desire is strong enough to set the miracle in motion. All it takes is an intentional choice to notice any area in our life–big or small, where there is room for improvement.

Will we be the Peace and LOVE we long to experience in the world?

Can we be the forgiveness we hope to receive?

Will we be the compassionate listener we long to encounter?

Can we be the understanding we seek from others?

When we say yes to these states of being and consciously choose to heal our inside world, we allow LOVE to transform our pain and transmute our fear.

This is how we honor ourselves and all of humanity. When we bring this powerful and loving presence into the world, the world becomes WHO WE ARE wherever our feet are planted.

It’s time to put our superpower to work–our Divine LOVE identity. It’s time to let this extraordinary LOVE within each of us do what LOVE does for the good of all humankind. The more we focus on becoming a healthier, more peaceful human BEING, the better we will be at the human doing.

Are you ready to commit to becoming the change you want to see in the world?

Keep reading below for immediate actions steps and mindful practices you can do to become a more peaceful YOU–including an extensive toolbox full of tools and practices for self-transformation.

“Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will be as one.” —John Lennon

create change today

“At the center of nonviolence stands the principle of love.”- Martin Luther King Jr.

Choose to be the PEACE and LOVE you want to experience in the world.

Action Steps:

1. Take a few moments to settle into your heart and reflect on what changes you would like to see in the world.

2. While contemplating what you want healed externally, ask and answer the following questions with honesty and non-judgment about how you view yourself internally:

  • Do I feel peace and joy inside regularly in all areas of my life?
  • Am I practicing non-violence by choosing LOVE, respect, grace, and compassion for myself?
  • Do I listen to my own needs without judgment and desire to understand the stories I’m telling and beliefs I’m adhering to? Do I make changes when my self-perceptions aren’t serving me?
  • Am I quick to forgive and slow to anger when it comes to my imperfections? How often do I punish myself for perceived faults and failures?
  • Do I make time to manage my stress and care for myself, mind, body, and spirit? Do I treat my body like I live in it?

If your answers leave room for improvement in some area of your life, commit to becoming the change you want to see. Make a personal pledge to cultivate the PEACE and LOVE you long for the world to experience.

3. Get started with 4 Mindful Practices:

    Choose to LOVE yourself in every situation
    , especially when it’s hard. Fiercely loving yourself looks like refraining from negative self-talk, forgiving your mistakes, honoring all of your emotions, and believing in your intrinsic worth. When you embody the LOVE you’re made of, you can share it with others. The more you see and honor the LOVE in you, the more you’ll see and honor this LOVE in everyone you meet. LOVE is your birthright. Claim this LOVE without exception.
    The little things and the big things, especially when it’s hard. Forgiving yourself when you falter is essential. As Maya Angelou said, “We do the best we can until we know better. Then, when we know better, we do better.” You are doing the best you can with what you know. We all are. But if we refuse to extend ourselves grace for our imperfections as we learn and grow, we’ll struggle to offer others the grace they deserve. Be willing to accept your faults and failures so you can accept others’ slip-ups as well.

As Holocaust survivor Edith Eger says, “To forgive is to grieve—for what happened, for what didn’t happen—and to give up the need for a different past. To accept life as it was, and it is.” Forgiveness frees us from the unrelenting storytelling in our minds about how things ‘should be’ so we can make peace with what is. It’s from a peaceful center that we can find our way forward and create a better life for everyone.

    When we stand in our truth and live authentic lives, we feel alive. When we follow the desires of our hearts, we thrive. We resonate peace and joy. In honor of those who are no longer living, choose to embrace your life fully. Follow your inner compass and pursue your dreams. Try not to settle or believe you must earn your worth or approval from others by meeting their expectations. #Authenticityheals.

Remember, you are a creator. So, create! Learn to play the instrument, paint, sing, dance, write, act, sew, design, build, and imagine. Give your emotions and your essence an outlet to express. This energy is meant to flow. If we suppress our creative juices and stuff down our emotions, they become blocked within us. The blockages create dis-ease and disharmony.

    We have up to 70k thoughts a day, 95% of which come from an automatic, subconscious program. Science says over 60% of these subconscious thoughts are negative. It’s not that we consciously choose negative, destructive, and stressful thoughts; they simply show up as part of our conditioning and patterning. One of the best ways to experience inner peace is to pay attention and become aware of all the negative chatter in our head. We become aware of being aware.

When you notice you are not at peace and feeling disturbed inside about something, relax. Focus on your breath with deep, cleansing inhales and exhales. Remember you are not your mind, thoughts, emotions, or body. All of those are temporary energetic forms. You are an eternal Soul. From your sacred heart, practice observing your thoughts without judgment. Don’t cling or assign meaning, just watch them with curiosity knowing they don’t define you.

If the stressful thought persists, question it. “Is what I believe true? Is it helpful? Is this thought useful and leading me or others toward peace and LOVE?” If not, let it go. The negative emotions surrounding the stressful thought will follow.

4. Spread the word about the mission with others and raise the good vibes around you by building community around your stories of change and transformation. If you feel called to share your story publicly, submit it below so you can inspire and encourage others with your commitment to peaceful change. If you want to dive deeper into self-transformation beyond these four mindful practices, explore the extensive toolbox below.

tools to transform your heart

“If you want to change the world, start with yourself.” – Gandhi

“Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most of love is lost.”― Kahlil Gibran

Recent stories of change

“Love is the life of humanity.” – Edward Swedenborg


“It is easy to break down and destroy, the heroes are those who make peace and build..”
– Nelson Mandela


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