Choose to be the PEACE and LOVE you want to experience in the world

Action Steps:

1. Take a few moments to settle into your heart and reflect on what changes you would like to see in the world.

2. While contemplating, ask and answer the following questions with honesty and non-judgment:

  • Do I feel peace and joy inside regularly in all areas of my life?
  • Am I practicing non-violence by choosing love, respect, and compassion for myself and others?
  • Do I listen to others without judgment and desire to understand their story?
  • Am I quick to forgive and slow to anger when it comes to my imperfections or others’ mistakes?
  • Do I make time to care for myself, mind, body, and spirit?

If your answers leave room for improvement in some area of your life, commit to becoming the change you want to see. Make a personal pledge to cultivate the peace and love you long for the world to experience.

3. Get started with 4 Mindful Practices:

    Choose LOVE in every situation, especially when it’s hard. Starting with fiercely loving yourself. Loving yourself looks like refraining from negative self-talk, forgiving your mistakes, taking care of your heart, and believing in your worth. We can’t give away what we don’t have, so open your heart and believe in the love you’re made of so you can share and receive it from others.

Acts of love and kindness are everywhere, and more of them come into view when we pay attention. Be intentional about seeking out examples of love all around you, and be energized by the positive vibe they bring.

If you can’t see love in a specific situation, be love. Being love is choosing to be a safe space for others to share their perspectives and express their fears without judgment. Being love looks like non-defensive and compassionate listening from the heart rather than being lost in the head thinking about what we want to say next. Being love is choosing a peaceful response even when we disagree.

    The little things and the big things, especially when it’s hard. Starting with forgiving yourself when you fail or mess up. As Maya Angelou said, “We do the best we can until we know better. Then, when we know better, we do better.” You are doing the best you can with what you know. We all are. But if we refuse to extend ourselves grace for our imperfections as we learn and grow, we’ll struggle to offer others the grace they deserve. Be willing to accept your faults and failures so you can accept others’ slip-ups as well.

As Holocaust survivor Edith Eger says, “To forgive is to grieve—for what happened, for what didn’t happen—and to give up the need for a different past. To accept life as it was, and it is.” Forgiveness frees us from the unrelenting storytelling in our minds about how things ‘should be’ so we can make peace with what is. It’s from a peaceful center that we can find our way forward and create a better life for everyone.

    When we stand in our truth and live authentic lives, we feel alive. When we follow the desires of our hearts, we thrive. We resonate peace and joy. In honor of those who are no longer living, choose to embrace your life fully. Follow your inner compass and pursue your dreams. Try not to settle or believe you must earn your worth or approval from others by meeting their expectations. #Authenticityheals.

Remember, you are a creator. So, create! Learn to play the instrument, paint, sing, dance, write, act, sew, design, build, and imagine. Give your emotions and your essence an outlet to express. This energy is meant to flow. If we suppress our creative juices and stuff down our emotions, they become blocked within us. These blockages create dis-ease and disharmony.


    We have up to 70k thoughts a day, 95% of which come from an automatic, subconscious program. Science says 80% of these subconscious thoughts are negative. It’s not that we consciously choose negative, destructive, and stressful thoughts; they simply show up as part of our patterning. One of the best ways to experience inner peace is to pay attention and become aware of all the negative chatter in our head. We become aware of being aware.

    When you notice you are not at peace and feeling disturbed inside about something, relax. Focus on your breath with deep, cleansing inhales and exhales. Remember you are not your mind. You are not your thoughts. Just observe the thought without judgment, relax within, and let the thought go. If the stressful thought persists, question it. “Is what I believe true? Is it helpful? Is this thought useful and leading me or others toward peace and love?” If not, let it go. The negative emotions will follow.

4. Spread the word about the mission with others and raise the good vibes around you by building community around your stories of change and transformation. Dig into the toolbox below (share it with others) and take advantage of all the resources. If you feel called to share your story publicly, submit it below so you can inspire and encourage others with your commitment to peaceful change.


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“The natural ups and downs of life can either generate personal growth or create personal fears. Which of these dominates is completely dependent upon how we view change.”

– Michael Singer, The Untethered Soul